At Kissaki we believe in honoring and sharing traditional Japanese cuisine with the world. The restaurant roots itself in omakase sushi and kaiseki tradition and bases its dishes in mindful sourcing, seasonality, and quality. Designed to take diners on a culinary exploration through their senses. Kissaki welcomes you to join us for a unique experience at one of our beautifully designed omakase counters, dining rooms or at one of our comfortable outdoor dining sections.

Executive Chef Edgar Valerio draws from his unrelenting passion to cultivate a culinary experience where everyone feels at home. Kissaki was the next step in Chef Edgar's culinary evolution. He refined his overall vision and created his remarkable style of Omakase. This commitment to excellence is the reason why every Kissaki has the highest standard of service, knowledge, and hospitality.

About Kissaki

Kissaki has its own Fishery and Wildlife License. This means that we get Uni, Caviar and most of our Fish directly from Japan. We also deal with fishermen from all over California, Montauk, Outer Banks and Gloucester Bay. Just to name a few. We only use the best quality fish that is caught in its own ecosystem. This is why it tastes so delicious.