Kissaki Teams Up
with Fish Cheeks

at the Montauk Anglers Club
Summer 2021

Join Us in Montauk

Kissaki is teaming up with Fish Cheeks on a quick service pop-up at the Montauk Anglers Club. The pop-up, aptly dubbed Kissaki x Fish Cheeks, will open from Memorial Day Weekend through October 31st with a menu featuring seafood focused Thai highlights from Fish Cheeks and a full sushi menu from Kissaki. Order online for pick-up and delivery, or stop by and enjoy our counter service and tabletops overlooking the marina! Full bar coming soon.

467 E Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954
Montauk Anglers Club & Marina is a full service marina located on the northeast corner of Lake Montauk. Focused on sport fishing, Montauk Anglers Club is situated less than one mile from the inlet, with quick access to off-shore fishing on Long Island and easy access to the recreational waters of Napeague Bay, Gardiners Bay, Peconic Bay and beyond. This summer, we're taking over their on-site restaurant - all are welcome!

This pop up will showcase some of the most popular dishes from Kissaki and Fish Cheeks.

Kissaki, a culinary experience honoring the Japanese tradition of omakase, will offer takeout omakase sets like Omakase Yon, Omakase Hachi and Omakase Juuni. Kissaki's omakase sets feature 12 pieces of seasonal nigiri with your choice of a 5 piece futomaki roll. All omakase sets include uni, toro, miso soup, and edamame. In addition to the omakase sets, donburi, maki, and Chef Mark's nigiri classics will also be available.

Fish Cheeks will be serving up their classics like coconut crab curry, zabb wings and crab fried rice, but will also have calamari, garlic butter prawns, Lobster Karee (featuring a Hard Shell Lobster stir fried with curry powder, scrambled egg, scallion, onion, micro celery and roasted chili jam!) and Dungeness Crab - only available in Montauk.

Hours of Operation
7 days a week, 12-9pm

How to Order
You can order online for pick-up or delivery here:
Kissaki Menu
Fish Cheeks Menu
*delivery available for all of Montauk
You can also order on-site and enjoy your meal on our covered patio (with a view!)

The Team
Kissaki Executive Chef and Partner

Chef Mark Garcia

Chef Mark Garcia started his journey into sushi-making with a decade-long mentorship with Chef Kaze Chan of Sushi-san. In 2014, Chef Mark was able to rejoin Chef Kaze and Michelin-starred Chef Jeff Ramsey to collaborate and subsequently develop the menu and design for the sushi bar in Momotaro. In 2016, Mark debuted his modern omakase at Gaijin in Astoria, Queens. The fitting name “Gaijin” translates to “outsider” in Japanese, as Mark considers himself an outsider whose deep appreciation of the culture and craft ultimately led him to open his own restaurant. The term “outsider” is also a nod to Mark’s experience overcoming external doubts about his place in the sushi world. Rather than giving in, Chef Mark has embraced his role as an outsider and used the doubt as motivation to get him to where he is today.

Co-Executive Chefs and co-owners of Fish Cheeks

Ohm and Chat Suansilphong

Born and raised in Central Thailand, Ohm and Chat learned to cook during the many hours spent in the kitchen of his father’s restaurant. Ohm studied at Mandarin Oriental culinary school, and went on to become part of an award-winning team at Nahm in Bangkok, which was featured on San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Ohm then moved to Australia to work at Long Grain, a modern Southeast Asian restaurant, where he gained experience cooking outside the realms of authentic Thai food. Chat moved to New York from Thailand to study at the esteemed Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. Upon graduating from the CIA, Chat worked as a line cook at Colicchio & Sons, expanding his culinary repertoire and learning how to navigate a fast-paced kitchen while working with an entirely new cuisine. →

Co-Executive Chefs and co-owners of Fish Cheeks

Ohm and Chat Suansilphong

Immediately following, Chat took his skills outside of the kitchen and into the dining room, spending two years as manager of OBAO, an interpretive modern Asian restaurant. From cooking with his father at his family’s restaurant to spending time in the accelerated kitchens of NYC, Chat’s devotion to the authentic, family-style cuisine of his childhood has remained constant. In 2016, Ohm and his brother Chat partnered with Jenn Saesue to fulfill his decade-long dream of owning his own restaurant. Together, they created Fish Cheeks. In 2018, Ohm opened Fish Cheeks’ sister restaurant, Chicks Isan, a Downtown Brooklyn fast-casual concept serving contemporary Thai cuisine inspired by Thailand’s Northeastern region and expanded Fish Cheeks in the Time Out Market in Dumbo.

Co-Owner, Fish Cheeks

Jennifer Saesue

Jennifer Saesue is responsible for everything outside of the kitchen at Fish Cheeks. As a child in Bangkok, Jennifer has vivid memories of scouring the city with her father in search of the best Thai dishes. This passion stayed with Jenn and propelled her to opening her first Thai restaurant at age 22. In 2016, she opened Fish Cheeks with Chat and Ohm because they shared the same dream of opening an authentic Thai restaurant in NYC serving the same dishes they grew up on. In 2018, Jenn again teamed up with Ohm to open Fish Cheeks’ sister restaurant, Chicks Isan. Not long after they expanded Fish Cheeks to Time Out Market in Dumbo. Jenn prides herself on turning her restaurants into coveted brands thanks to her strong business acumen and sense for collaborating with the right people.